We advise you in these areas:


    • Arbitraje: es un mecanismo alternativo de solución de controversias que inicia por voluntad de las partes y es resuelto por un particular imparcial designado, siendo su resolución final y obligatoria. Esta opción ofrece rapidez y eficiencia por un costo bajo en comparación a los de un juzgado.
    • Mediación: a diferencia del arbitraje y los juicios en tribunales, este mecanismo no obliga a las partes a cumplir con las resoluciones. En la mediación, un tercero administra el proceso de comunicación entre las partes para que sea más abierto y amigable, y lleve a la solución del conflicto.

    De igual forma, asesoramos y orientamos a nuestros clientes para que, de manera preventiva, implementen medidas para evitar involucrarse en conflictos.


    Legal and personalized advice in developments and projects, from the constitution, preparation and negotiation of constitutive documentation, to compliance with the regulations for its correct operation in accordance with Mexican legislation.


    Legal advice on infrastructure and construction projects, which includes the negotiation and preparation of contracts, management of subsidies applicable to real estate transactions, land use regulations, internal regulations, among others, so that they comply with the regulations established by the legislation.

  • Joint Ventures

    Temporary strategic association of people or groups of companies, where each of the parties contributes capital, technology, distribution channels, personnel or market knowledge to achieve a specific objective such as the creation of a new business. It is an excellent business alliance to join, strengthen and obtain a win-win relationship.


    We represent our clients with appropriate negotiation and risk measurement strategies that result in favorable solutions for their legal and economic interests.

    Our experience ranges from the breach of civil contracts, provision of services, mortgages, leases and claims for damages, to conflicts between shareholders and legal entities.

We are a team of bicultural lawyers focused on the attention and resolution of your legal needs in national and international matters

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